Track Customers & Policies
Customer And Policy Tracking

Eclipse will organize your prospects, customers, and policies, saving you time! Being organized will allow you to establish better relationships and maximize efficiency.

Company Downloads
Company Download

Save time by having policy detail and transactions downloaded right into Eclipse for Personal & Commercial Lines. DB Commission Statement & Claims Download available.
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  • Reviews

    • "Version 6.2 of Eclipse takes Version 6.1 and knocks it out of the park! Customizable work center tiles are awesome for those things you regularly check or do. The documentation lists are improved in several ways: 1) Organization is improved by allowing for several entries to be group as one. 2), Reminders can be added to an existing entry (as we all forget to activate a reminder before updating – now you can go back and add it), 3) Reminders a..."

      Wayne E. Blackwell
      Blackwell Insurance Services
      Grand Rapids, MI


      "NASA and all their staff have been a godsend to us at Goeman Agency LLC. For three years now we have been able to give faster service to our clients and keep an accurate detailed history under each policy, which has helped us cross sell and market other products to them and family members. Eclipse makes running our agency easy. Whether it is making a report, tracking commissions, scheduling on the in house calendar or reconciling our books, we..."

      Kyle Goeman
      Goeman Agency, LLC
      Clara City, MN


      "Our agency was using an agency management system that was cumbersome and out-dated. We we’re spending too much time documenting files and processing policy downloads from our carriers. Frustrated I visited with fellow PIA members during a continuing education class about which agency management system they had success with. The overwhelming recommendation was NASA Eclipse Online. After our due diligence we contacted NASA for further informa..."

      Jeff Munns
      Jeff Munns Agency, Inc.
      Lincoln, NE


      "Security-Victor Insurance Agency has been using Eclipse for more than ten years and have been very happy with the program as well as the support that you get from the North American Software staff. You are never put on hold or have to wait for a call back. Oh, did I forget to mention that their pricing is substantially less than many of their competitors? Thanks for all the great support over the years."

      Jerry Hendrickson
      Security-Victor Insurance Agency
      Wyoming, MN


      "In the past we used Applied and AMS but they were too expensive and did not provide the timely support we occasionally needed. We joined Eclipse over ten years ago and never looked back. Eclipse saves us lots of time with push button two way integration with our rating software, downloads with our carriers, real-time lookups, integrates well with Office and Outlook (drag and drop) and protects us from E&O. But the best part is their support..."

      Philip J Schmitz
      Schmitz Insurance, LLC
      Forestville, WI


      "Eclipse has been a revolutionary product in our agency which has greatly helped us in becoming more efficient, professional, and organized. Eclipse has allowed us to focus more of our time on selling insurance and helping our clients rather than on keeping track of the mountains of paperwork we used to get. I endorse the system whole-heartedly and cannot imagine running our Agency without it."

      Christopher J. Klein
      Klein Insurance Agency, Inc.
      Eagle Bend, MN


      "NASA delivers far more than it promises. I am only sorry I didn’t switch to Eclipse, an easy-to-use and very competitively priced management system, years before I did. Great Product and OUTSTANDING Customer Service!"

      Jack J Maniscalco
      Jack J. Maniscalco & Son, Ltd. Insurance
      Washingtonville, NY


      "Whether you are a large organization or a very small one such as ours, NASA fits the needs of any size of company. With the new release of Eclipse 6.2, the option of customization is exceptional. There is no limit to what you can do from color scheme to tile arrangement to even saving your own personal favorite reports for easy access. With any change or upgrade, there may be some apprehension, but the download process was very easy and wen..."

      Kristi Miller
      Peoples State Agency, Inc.
      Westhope, ND


      "As in any change, epically an agency management system vendor change anxiety runs high. The staff at Eclipse did a wonderful job in training our team and helping us through the process. The customer service support we received was truly wonderful."

      Dave Giancola
      Custom Insurance Agency
      Shelby Township, MI


      "The new 6.2 version assists in keeping you highly organized with the different tiles you can utilize in a non-complicated system."

      Jan Smith
      Insurance Designers, Inc.
      Tawas City, MI


      "NASA and all their staff have been wonderful. For several years now we have been able to give faster service to our clients. Do reports for each producer and csr. Have an accurate detailed history under each policy, which has helped us cross sell. Eclipse has made running our agency easy. Eclipse training has allow all the staff to work on the same page which has allow better communication. Thanks to all your staff."

      Richard D. Torres
      Torres Insurance Agency
      Evansville, IN


      "I think it was in 2004 that we became a user of Eclipse. We had used a more complicated system and have found the help and training from the NASA Staff to be wonderful. I am an old timer when it comes to use of computers but I find my younger staff really were looking forward to the Eclipse 6.2 and it many new features and upgrades. Thanks for a great job and system to work with. "

      Chuck Vasgaard
      Minnwest Insurance Agency Inc.
      Lake Wilson, MN


      "My agency has been working with NASA’s Eclipse product for many years and have been very pleased. The system has all of the functionality we need and has great interface with our carriers. Not only that, but whenever I call for some kind of assistance I get right through to a friendly person willing and able to help me out. "

      Stan Armstrong
      Hartley Insurance
      Boise, ID


      "The transition to 6.2 has helped our agency utilize more of the capabilities of Eclipse by just knowing the functions exist. The simplicity of the new button/tab design, the drag and drop features and sending emails through Eclipse have helped our agency become more efficient so we can spend more time helping our customers compared to time previously spent on data entry."

      Josh Mallmann
      Associates Insurance Agency, Ltd
      Denmark, WI


      "6.2 makes running my business a breeze! The format is so user friendly, and I really love the new customization features. The days of creating tracking spreadsheets are in the past - 6.2 makes it all so easy!"

      Lisa Hawkins Hengel
      Willow Wood Insurance Agency
      Edina, MN

Integrated General Ledger
Integrated General Ledger

Maintains all of your accounting needs from within Eclipse. Tracking agency financials from within Eclipse allows for true single entry accounting. The General Ledger & CheckWriter feature is very intuitive and user-friendly.

Real Time
Real Time

Real Time is a direct interface between Eclipse and the Insurance Company websites. This allows for quick viewing of Policy Declarations, Billing History and Claim information. Some carriers also offer the ability to make payments, endorsement bridging, and quoting HOME or AUTOP.
Real Time Partners

Comprehensive Reporting
Comprehensive Reporting

Ability to create up-to-date reports to manage your agency growth, retention and activity. Eclipse also allows you to create customized reports to fit your agency’s needs.

Rating Integration

Seamless integration with a comparative rater allows you to import/export client information from Eclipse.
Rating Integration Partners

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